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Monday Morning Twins: Max Kepler used to play tennis

No really, super slow weekend.

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Robbie G, Ladies and Gentlemen
Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

We find ourselves back at the start of the working week again, because we all collectively failed to bring upon a new age of eternal weekenditude. Shame on us. So welcome to the M3D, the only Monday morning link dump that has the same abbreviation as my NES romhack, MegaMan Meets Dracula. It is gonna be so sick you guys, for real.

Today’s soundtrack is some Less Than Jake because I watched Digimon the movie again this weekend, because while other people my age are out having casual sex or whatever it is those people do, I stay home and watch children’s cartoons.

  • FoxSports previews this year’s team and it isn’t pretty. Also it is apparently Joe Mauer’s fault. What even is that guy’s problem?
  • They also posted some fun facts from the Twins media guide. Apparently Max Kepler was offered a tennis scholarship and Robbie Grossman literally can not be harmed by anything upon this earth.
  • A tidbit in an MLBTR post reveals the Twins had talked to Pedro Alvarez’s camp. I still don’t know why the FO thinks they need more 1B/DH types.
  • That’s really it. If you need more entertainment in your morning just read myjah’s U.S Bank Stadium article again. Or watch Digimon: The Movie.