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Links about Twinkies tix, sticks and a chick

Minnesota Lake Boasts World's Biggest Ice Fishing Competition
All good things must come to an end
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Loek Who’s Talking Now

Bleacher Report has a story about Dutch, 7’1” tall, former Twins pitcher, Loek van Mil who doesn’t want to just be known as the 7’1” guy that plays baseball. He’s now pitching for the Netherlands in the WBC. He’s okay if that’s his last rodeo... er, baseball game, he says he might move back to Holland and go to school to become an economist. I’m sure he’d stand head and shoulders above the rest of the Dutch economists.

Local Area Woman Wins Notoriety in Florida

A Twins’ fan from Brainerd, MN, Joan Jenkins, has won the coveted, “Fan of the Day” title given by Sarasota, Florida’s Herald-Tribune for rooting for the Twins. Ms. Jenkins was decked out in an autographed Johan Santana jersey and noted, “It’s the weather. We don’t have this back home.” Congratulations, Joan.

Are Twins Players Being Starved?

US News and World Report ran an expose on Twins’ new batting coach James Rowson. Rowson is working with at least four Twins’ players who were mentioned by name including, Eddie Rosario, Miguel Sano, Max Kepler, and Byron Buxton. Rowan is quoted as saying, "These guys are really exciting. Young players with promise. They're hungry. They really want it. So, I'm kind of approaching it the same way, with a light, easy kind of effort — have some fun but also let's also play with a lot of aggression."

Scalper Skirts, Scores

Naples Daily News has a story of a scalper who is managing to make a profit reselling Twins and Red Sox tickets by exploiting loopholes in Florida’s anti-scalping laws. Turns out, that by charging fees for ticket purchases, teams are helping scalpers to get around the law prohibiting selling tickets for more than their face value. He also owns “12 to 13” sites similar to Stubhub.

Spring $99 for Spring Local Nine?

Twins are starting a new ticket plan where you can go to 30 Twins games for $99 in April and May. The catch? The tickets are for standing room access only and does not include the home opener.

Sugar Shane Sweet on Palka

Former Twin, “Sugar” Shane Robinson has taken Twins’ prospect, Daniel Palka under his wing. The two met through a common acquaintance when Palka was a student at Georgia Tech. “We’re polar-opposite players, but when it comes to the mental side and defense, obviously I can learn a lot from him,” said Palka. “He’s just a good dude. He’s got a really good mentality.”