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Twins 10, Colombia 7: Ervin Santana okay as offense plays piranha ball

If you get a bunch of singles with just a couple extra-base hits sprinkled in, you can score a lot of runs.

MLB: Spring Training-Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins
“You have to smell the baseball.”
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Twins had some passable pitching today and a lot of hits from the little guys, which led to this blowout win over team Colombia.

Ervin Santana hadn’t given up a single run yet coming into this game, but all good things must come to an end. After cruising through two scoreless innings, Santana gave up a lead-off double and subsequent RBI single in the top of the third inning. He gave up a solo-home run the following inning as well. Still, two runs over four innings isn’t that bad, right?

The Twins could have tied it up quickly in the bottom of the third, too. Danny Santana reached first on a fielders choice (yay?), but was promptly picked off (definitely not yay). Brian Dozier then ripped a two-out double that would have scored Danny, except for that picked-off thing.

In the end, it didn’t matter, because the Twins came back to beat Colombia anyway (not to mention, it’s spring damn training). The Twins scored two runs in fifth, sixth, and seventh innings each, and a whopping four runs in the eighth. A lot of the runs were thanks to thanks to some piranha ball by Chris Gimenez, J.B. Schuck, Drew Stubbs, Tommy Field (can you believe these are all real Twins?), and Danny Santana. Eduardo Escobar had an RBI triple somewhere in there, Leonardo Reginatto hit an RBI double, and last but not least, Bengie Gonzalez hit a two-run bomb to cap things off in the eighth.

The only other Twins pitchers to give up runs were Nick Tepesch, who gave up two in his two innings of work, and Ryan O’Rourke, who gave up a three-run bomb in the top of the ninth.