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Twins affiliate offering ticket discount for United boarding passes

Bring your United Airlines boarding pass to a Ft. Myers Miracle game and get half-off your ticket! Yes, I’m serious.

United Airlines Celebrates Team USA As Over 85 U.S. Athletes Get Ready To Board Their Flight At George Bush Intercontinental Airport In Houston on August 3, 2016, En route To Rio To Chase Their Dreams Of Winning Olympic Gold
All these guys can all go to a minor league baseball game for half off now!
Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for United Airlines

In case you haven’t been on Twitter today, we all hate United Airlines now. The current backlash against the company stems from a video that surfaced last night showing a paying passenger being literally bloodied and dragged off a plane because it was overbooked.

That’s, um, yikes.

You’d think the United Airline PR team would be scrambling right now to make this situation better, right? Nope! Instead, United’s CEO issued a half-hearted apology for having to “re-accommodate” a passenger, further exacerbating the problem.

...and that is exactly when the Ft. Myers Miracle stepped in!

The Twins High-A minor league affiliate announced today that they will be offering half-priced tickets to anyone who presents a United Airlines boarding pass during their upcoming April 17th to 20th home stand. Not many details were given about the stunt promotion, like if these boarding passes have to be recent, or what happens if a game is sold out (or in other words, “overbooked”).

In addition, the team offered a free suite to the man and his wife who were forced off the plane.

A PR miracle, indeed.