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Tuesday Twins: MLB power rankings love us now (sort of)

Minnesota Twins v Kansas City Royals
Miss you, Kennys.
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday! Here are the links:

  • Despite the strong start to the season, the Twins are still only 22nd on Bleach Report’s MLB power rankings.
  • ESPN’s MLB power rankings have the Twins all the way up at fourteenth! Their power rankings at the start of the season had the Twins at 28th, if you want more proof of how unpredictable this team is/was.
  • Did you hear Twins pitching has been the best in the majors? It’s all being led by Ervin Santana and his nice 0.69 ERA.
  • Even the guys over at Bless You Boys are impressed with the Twins’ torrid start.
  • Over at The Ringer, Michael Baumann wrote a piece about how the Twins have all the pieces they need to be a serious contender—except pitching.
  • 58 year-old former Twin and Brave Otis Nixon was briefly reported missing yesterday in his home state of Georgia, but was found safe. Nixon’s girlfriend apparently called police after he had been gone for two days...