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Tigers 5, Twins 3: Dozier Homers, Twins Lose

Ladies and Gentlemen, your not first place Minnesota Twins!

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

After a hot start, the Twins might be cooling down, dropping their second game in a row to the Tigers. It remains to be seen exactly how much they cool down. If last year was absolute zero, this must be room temperature.

Brian Dozier lead off with his first home run of the season, which has been one of my favorite things in baseball since Jacque Jones always did it. Can’t start much better. In the third, Joe Mauer decided to not be lazy for once in his life and singled in Eddie Rosario and Max Kepler. 3-0 Twins.

Kyle, son of Gib started for the Twins and did a good job, until he stopped doing a good job. The 4th was when that happened. After giving up a leadoff double to Nick Castellanos, Gibson got Miguel Cabrera to line out and inspired hope in our hearts. Then he hit a guy and walked a guy. Okay, cool. Tyler Collins singled in a run, bringing everyone up a base. But hey, still winning! James Mcann lined out, two outs! Almost out of the jam with the lead in-tact.



Hey, It is me, Andrew Romine Grand Slam. Just stopping in to say hello. Hope I didn’t ruin anything for anyone!

The rest of the innings were real, but they might as well not be because nothing happened. The 6-2 Tigers pull ahead of the 5-3 Twins in the early going of the AL Central race. Wild Card though, at least.

Brian Dozier: Lead off dong, baby!
Joe Mauer: Two RBI
Tyler Duffey: Three shut out innings in relief.

Kyle Gibson: 4 IP, 5 ER on 4 hits and a walk.
Eduardo Escobar: 0 for 4, left 3 men on base.

Pinch Runner Byron Buxton: .069 batting average.

Super Fighting Robot Roll Call!