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Twins 6, White Sox 0: Ervin Santana gives up one hit in complete game

The Twins battered around and scored five runs in the first inning. The White Sox? Not so much.

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

One hit.

One hit and one walk.

That is all Ervin Santana gave up today, and he went the distance for the Twins—pitching all nine innings in their 6-0 clobbering over the White Sox. I mean, just think about that. Santana also struck-out eight batters and has a 0.41 ERA on the season now.

The other funny part about this game was the first inning—because that is when five of the runs in the game were scored. Luckily they were all Twins runs! The White Sox’s supposed “Ace,” Jose Quintana, had a terrible start to the game, bringing eleven Twins batters to the plate in the bottom of the first. Robbie Grossman doubled, Joe Mauer singled, Miguel Sano doubled, Jorge Polanco singled... and so on and so fourth—except Buxton. Byron Buxton obviously, SOMEHOW, struck out—but the Twins still scored five runs.

The sixth run came in the bottom of the eighth, when Robbie Grossman drove in Danny Santan on a single.

Quintana did somehow regain his composure and pitch 5.2 innings in the game without giving up any more runs than those first five in the first—but the key words here are “those first five in the first.” That’s bad.

Good for the Twins, though.


  • Ervin “THE MOFO MAN” Santana - 9 inning pitched, no runs, one hit, one walk, eight strikeouts.
  • Max Kepler - 2-for-4, 1 double, 1 triple, and 2 RBI.


  • None—every single Twin got a hit and no Twin gave up a run.


As for the comments...

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
9 SooFoo Fan Symptoms include batting titles and an MVP
5 Devereaux My brother jokingly texted
4 RhinoandCompass Danny Santana wears a facial expression that seems to suggest his beard is an inconvenience
4 badcoffee Having him come up with men on seems like a rispy proposition
4 badcoffee I think they most publish articles about Women's Fashion
3 Joel Hernandez Byron Buxton is keeping baseball writers in business
3 Joel Hernandez He should bat RH then
2 kenzertz salad and scrambled eggs.
2 Tyler Wiederhoeft Ervin Santana just pitched a complete game - surrendering 1 hit, 1 BB, threw 8 Ks and is 3-0 on the season with a 0.41 ERA - third best in the MLB
2 wayback Love a pitchers' duel where only one pitcher is dueling
2 Joel Hernandez Run differential!
2 Devereaux This game is going too fast
2 less cowbell, more 'neau There's the Gatorade!
2 wayback WINNING BY EVEN MOAR!!!!!!!
2 Devereaux I'm at the ballpark
2 DNOMN8R314 On the Canadian border
2 kenzertz 'Ntana vs. 'Ntana.
1 wayback How about a home run for a Team Cycle
1 JamesMNND Kepler.
1 Devereaux :blush:
1 kenzertz Then there will be 2 outs in the inning.
1 badcoffee The team to score more runs usually wins
1 kenzertz I hope Santana doesn't give up any runs this inning.
1 wayback Oprah-ball
1 dobber135 Ervin
1 gintzer It's cool. Not sure why you care. It's only for one day. Something as special as what Jackie Robinson did for baseball and society deserves respect.
1 gintzer Glad to hear Dozier should only be out for one day.
1 Devereaux Complete game
1 badcoffee I think they actually send him up there with a canoe paddle
1 Name-Game Joe west would've put on a act
1 That'sWhatSheSaid you are on a roll today
1 badcoffee I might be in the minority, but I like seeing guys get tossed occasionally
1 Lestermilk Sano
1 Name-Game agreed
1 badcoffee [no title]
1 SooFoo Fan Problem is they're pitching him away
1 DNOMN8R314 So, baseball until 1929?
1 gintzer Heckling is our God given right as Americans. Good job!
1 kenzertz Guys, should I say it?
1 gintzer Mauer has stranded a small village on the base paths today.
1 wayback Who just got a hit? Double B, that's who.
1 Lestermilk Frazier left because he was "sick"
1 wayback We should score some more runs now
1 badcoffee Unilateral Knee Weakness