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Monday Morning Minnesota: Buxton, Santana, Bonus Pool

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
That is one safe butt.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Good morning people who are reading this. I assume you aren’t here for my award-winning introductions and wit, so let’s get (almost) right to the links, shall we?

Today’s soundtrack is an actual for real classic.

  • Byron Buxton has been such a hot topic lately that if it keeps up you might be able to find shirts about it at Hot Topic. Paul Swydan of Fangraphs gives the age old advice of “Let him play” and backs it up with comparisons and statistics. It is well worth a read!
  • For those of you who hate numbers and the nerds who use them, but like pessimism and sadness has you covered with an article about how Buxton is a bust. Also I lied there are numbers here too. Pick and choose which Buxton article to read based on how you want to feel about Buxton for the rest of the day. I’m a regular choose-your-own-adventure author!
  • Ervin Santana has been totally friggin’ sweet to start this season, and the ace being ace-like is just plain good but it is also extra good if you assume the Twins aren’t for real and will flip him at the deadline.
  • Being the shittiest thing ever last year is the gift that keeps on giving, as ESPN reports the Twins will have the largest signing bonus pool in the upcoming amateur draft to go with that #1 pick!

So when your boss yells at you for reading Twinkie Town instead of doing your job, just say you are tanking this year to help the rebuilding effort. They’ll promote you on the spot.