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Indians 11, Twins 4: Love is over.

Twins super lose despite Sano’s 4th dong.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
Don’t even read the recap, this image sums it all up.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Indian’s starter Josh Tomlin came into the day with an 18.47 ERA. He left with one that is smaller than that.

In classic Phil Hughes style the scoring started almost immediately, giving up 3 runs after a ground-out, fielding error (Max Kepler) and a single. The Twins responded in their half with two of their own, Kepler making amends with a sac-fly scoring Brian Dozier and Robbie “Professional DH” Grossman doubling in Joe Mauer.

3-2 was as close as it was going to get for this one. The Cleveland offense just kept trickling runs in with 2 in the 4th, 1 in the 4th and 5th and two more in the 6th, when Francisco Lindor tripled in two runs, because that’s what he does against the Twins apparently. Go away, Francisco. Please. Coincidentally, the gamethread died in the 6th as you all collectively turned the game off. I watched the rest though, because I wanted to professional when I glazed over the rest of the innings in this recap.

Tomlin settled in and only gave up one more run in his 6 innings of work. That run came when Max Kepler found himself on the other end of a sac-fly and scoring a run when Jorge Polanco skied one to center.

Miguel Sano brought happiness back to our faces (albeit briefly) with his 4th homerun of the season. It was long, it was a dong and it was over all too quickly. Just like something something funny lewd joke that would go over my head anyway.

Edwin Encarnacion Edwino-doubtered a HR in the 9th, scoring two because Tonkin hit the previous batter on an 0-2 pitch. Cool.

But that just made the storybook twist ending all the sweeter. Except, no wait, I’m being told there wasn’t one of those. Twins lose.

Hughes’s final line was 6 runs (4 earned) on 8 hits in 3.1 innings. The Twins hot start to the season has morphed into a middling one, as they find themselves now with a 7-7 record. Being above .500 was nice while at lasted!

Jason Castro: 3 for 4, though none of those hits mattered.
Miguel Sano: Dong, and a nice day in the field.

Byron Buxton: 0 for 4 but no strikeouts!
The aforementioned Hughes.

Rollbot Rollcall:

I apologize profusely for talking so much.