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Twins-Indians game rained out (thank god)

There won’t be baseball tonight at Target Field, and that could actually be a god-send for the slumping Twins.

Boston Red Sox v Minnesota Twins
Happy Birthday, Joe Mauer.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

With forecasts predicting a 95% (or higher) chance of rain in the Twin Cities from round 3:00 pm until well past midnight, the Twins have wisely chosen to reschedule tonight’s game against the Indians at Target Field. The game will now be played as part of a split-doubleheader on Saturday, June 17th, instead.

It’s always a tragedy when Dollar Dog Day is cancelled, but holy heck this is actually a stroke of luck for the Twins. Why? Lots of reasons:

  1. The Twins can skip their struggling fifth starter, Adalberto Mejia, and go straight back to ace Ervin Santana tomorrow (which they do, in fact, plan to do).
  2. The Indians aren’t skipping their fifth starter, Trevor Bauer, meaning he’ll face Santana and the Twins tomorrow instead of ace Corey Kluber (who the Twins don’t have much success against).
  3. It gives the Twins extra rest smack-dab in the middle of a long stretch of games. Their last off day was April 10th, and they weren’t supposed to have another one until April 27th.
  4. The Twins do have an off-day scheduled a day after the rescheduled June 17th doubleheader.
  5. It’s Joe Mauer’s birthday and he can now be as lazy as his cold, black, tall heart desires.
  6. It’s no secret the Twins are in a bit of skid right now, having lost six of their last eight games. Perhaps they will be hotter by the time June 17th rolls around and have a better chance of picking up the win.
  7. Heck, maybe the Twins will have some new bats by June 17th, with maybe either Kennys Vargas, ByungHo Park, or someone else on the roster instead of a thirteenth pitcher.
  8. Now you can watch the Wild playoff game against the Blues tonight instead of baseball, which is a good think if your a North Stars die-hard hoping the Wild get swept (because we all know that’s what is going to happen tonight).
  9. Oh hey! Actually you can watch the season 3 premier of the critically-acclaimed Fargo, which is tonight at 9:00 pm CT on FX.
  10. The Twins get at least one extra day as a .500 team. Hallelujah.

Got any other reasons why tonight’s rain-out is actually good?