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These kid-drawn portraits of Twins players are GLORIOUS

The Twins used child-drawn portraits of each player on the jumbotron Sunday, and, um, why don’t they always do this?

Laurel Krahn and Maija Varda

Sunday was officially “Kids Opening Day” at Target Field, which I guess is like Opening Day... but for kids? Yeah, I dunno. Anyway, the day included lots of kid-themed promotions at the game.

The best promotion was definitely the kid-drawn portraits the Twins used on the jumbotron as each player came to bat. I’m not a big kid person, but I love these so much I might consider procreating one day.

I’m not kidding.

Love the jersey.

These are amazing.

How is this real life? Children are gifts from god.

I am absolutely dying at the one above. It 100% looks like the kid was asked to draw Robbie Grossman and the kid was like, “draw a what?”

Which makes this one even more fabulous:


Kennys Vargas might have only been called-up this morning, but he had a portrait too!

And just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any better...

(h/t Laurel Krahn @wintwins!)