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Tuesday Twins: Thad Levine is still in love with Texas

Texas Rangers v San Francisco Giants Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday! Here are today’s links:

  • Twins GM Thad Levine is getting all dewy-eyed about the team being in Arlington to take on his former team, the Texas Rangers. Levine lived in Texas and worked in the Rangers front office for eleven years.
  • In fact, Levine even tagged along with the team on their trip down to Texas. "Every time I come here, it's going to feel special," Levine gushed to reporters. In case you were wondering, Levine didn’t travel with the team on their first road trip of the season to Chicago and Detroit.
  • Now that the season is in the swing of things, Steve Adams of MLB Trade Rumors (and previously Twinkie Town!) wrote a full review of how the Twins did this off-season. Take a wild guess about who he framed the team’s biggest off-season addition...
  • Seth Stohs of Twins Daily provided a public service by pointing out Byron Buxton isn’t the only top prospect getting off to a slow start this year!!! Seth even lists names!
  • Torii Hunter made his broadcasting debut last weekend, and apparently was mesmerized by the producer’s instructions fed to him through his ear piece. “I thought it was God,” Torii told reporters. “I heard that voice in my ear, and I said, ‘OK.’ ”