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Twins recall Buddy Boshers again

Hector Santiago’s beloved grandmother died, so we get Buddy Boshers back for the weekend.

Minnesota Twins Photo Day
I’m back.
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

You may have heard about this during Hector Santiago’s start last night, but his beloved grandma died on Tuesday. As a result, he will be leaving the team this weekend to attend her funeral in New Jersey. He should be back in time for his next start on Tuesday.

However, because the Twins are adding him to the three-day Bereavement List, they get another roster spot for their series this weekend against the Royals! Woo!

The team announced that they will be calling up Buddy Boshers to take that spot. Woo.

In case you missed it, the Twins just called up and sent down Boshers for one game over the weekend. Normally they would have to wait ten days to recall him again, but I guess Bereavement List replacements are like injury replacements, and the ten-day rule is waived.

This is a minor stroke of luck for the Twins. I mean, yeah okay, it wasn’t great that Santiago’s grandma died—although she was 80 years old, and it sounds like she had a nice life (and may she rest in peace). But who’s ever mad about another arm in the bullpen, even if it is just Buddy Boshers?

In case you were wondering, Boshers has only faced five current Royals batters before: Eric Hosmer, Alex Gordon, Whit Merrifield, Brandon Moss, and Salvador Perez. None of them have a hit or walk off him.