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Twins 9, Royals 1: Walks Will Haunt

Ian Kennedy couldn't find the plate, and it became contagious.

Pitchers fear him.
Pitchers fear him.
Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

162-0, baby!

Your #2 pitcher, Hector Santiago, did his best Carl Pavano impersonation, allowing only one run in 5+ innings. He got help from a couple of DPs and the chilly weather, which kept Kansas City's bats mostly quiet. Not that the Twins, early on, were exactly smacking much around either. They scored first in a three-walk, two-hit second inning. Ian Kennedy wasn't the only offender -- Minnesota had nine walks in this game. None were intentional. Four were of the slugging machine, Jason Castro.

Because the thermometer couldn't crack 50 degrees, Paul Molitor kept all 50 people in attendance busy watching pitching changes, every fan's favorite part of baseball. myjah stabbed some rude usher with a Dollar Dog, and Adalberto Mejia ate Tyler Duffey to stay warm. (Seriously, Mejia was shown in the dugout wearing a knit cap. C'mon, man, you're in Minnesota now. )

Brian Dozier had two stolen bases, including one where there was actually a throw to second. Salvador Perez has a Gold Glove on his resume, so that's gettin' after it, Doze! Byron Buxton struck out three times, which is apparently his thing now. THE TWINS BROKE HIM

Miguel Sano finished the Royals' hopes with a monster triple in the seventh off reliever Nate Karns. Yes, Sano ran all the way to third. He currently has an OPS of 1.833 in two games. THE TWINS FIXED HIM

Following the triple and another Castro walk, Eduardo Escobar went Full Dong. Remember when the Royals bullpen shut everyone down after six innings? It's early, but that doesn't seem to be the case right now. Giving us wayback's Comment Of The Game: "STRAHM (P) ERA 162."

Chris Gimenez pinch-hit for Mauer late, and finished the 9th at third base (Sano moved to first). He committed seventeen errors and was devoured by angry raccoons.

A Justin Haley sighting! He faced three batters to end the game, and got three groundouts -- the first on a crazy sick jumping throw by EE.

Dick Bremer shared that Gardy will be having prostate cancer surgery in the Twin Cities. All our best, Gardy. We still love ya. Get well soon, and get in umpire's faces again! Just because a Gardy without ejections feels wrong.

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