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Game III: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins

Jason Hammel and the Royals (0-2) take on Kyle Gibson and the Twins (2-0)

"Do I look heroic like this?"
"Do I look heroic like this?"
Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Starting for the Royals is (RHP) Jason Hammel, who was signed as a free agent from the Cubs. He had a 5.31 ERA during Spring Training in 19 innings, but that was mostly due to a 6-run inning he ran into. He'd also been working on a new change up this spring.

Kyle Gibson (RHP) starts for the Twins today. Gibson had a 1.59 ERA during Spring Training and had been working on getting the "kinks" out of his delivery.

MBTI Match Ups:

Twins: ISFJ

Honest, hardworking and reliable, the Twins won two World Series in '87 and '91. They hated being in the limelight so much, they vowed to never do that again. After disappearing in relative obscurity for a while they decided to improve themselves to being "above average." They're used to playing in front of small groups but they dislike losing so they've decided to work on their analytical side while still trying to hold on to their traditional Twins Way™, but math is hard.

Royals: INTP

The Royals hadn't won anything since 1985 and for years they couldn't have cared less. They eventually came up with a secret plan, "The Process™" to win another World Series. After seemingly doing nothing about it, when GM Dayton Moore's contract was about to expire in 2015, Operation "Trust the Process™" kicked into high gear and they won. Since then they've lost interest again. They'll come up with another plan and get around to implementing it but first they found this really cool web page about nano-robots...

Today's Lineups

Alex Gordon - LF Brian Dozier - 2B
Mike Moustakas - 3B Max Kepler - RF
Lorenzo Cain - CF Byron Buxton - CF
Eric Hosmer - 1B Joe Mauer - 1B
Salvador Perez - C Miguel Sano - 3B
Brandon Moss - DH Jason Castro - C
Paulo Orlando - RF Jorge Polanco - SS
Alcides Escobar - SS Eddie Rosario - DH
Raul Mondesi - 2B Danny Santana - LF
Jason Hammel - RHP Kyle Gibson - RHP
Oh, and it's Bert Blyleven's birthday today!