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FanPost Friday: Your baseball superstitions

Max is just trying to win a baseball game, you guys.
Max is just trying to win a baseball game, you guys.
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to FanPost Friday!

This is a feature we do here at Twinkie Town where I pose a question or topic, you respond to said question or topic in a FanPost, and later on we share and recap whatever everyone wrote assuming I'm not massively busy because the Twins are undefeated and my Mom is visiting.

For this week, I ask...

What are your baseball superstitions?

As you've probably heard, the Twins are off to a surprising, undefeated start to the 2017 season. Few people saw this coming. So what do you or the Twins need to do to keep this up?

We all have superstitions, right? Doug Mientkiewicz used to have to find his "lucky spot" in the dugout. Justin Morneau used to have to drink a slushy Nick Punto made him before every game. My Mom used to believe if we were not in out seat by first pitch the nights Brad Radke was pitching he'd give up a home run.

Do you have any baseball superstitions? Have you ever had any? Do you have a lucky jersey or other item? Are you not changing your underwear until the Twins lose? What is the weirdest thing you think any of us has to keep doing to keep the Twins undefeated? The underwear thing?

Do you think superstitions are stupid? Which one is the stupidest?

Get superstitious and start your FanPost now.