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Monday Morning Minnesota: Grossman is Great, Santana, D is not.

And other incredible tales

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Minnesota Twins
“Hey guys, did you know I’m superfluous?”
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Mon Mo, Min. Here are some links to get you through the day. Use them wisely! Today’s soundtrack is a song, probably by a band.

  • Not sure if this was in a previous link fiesta, but Ben Kaspick for rotographs writes about Robbie Grossman’s sudden relevancy which is fueled by his ability to suddenly hit lefties.
  • Puckett’s Pond has an article up about potential #1 draft pick Hunter Greene whom might just be “the Lebron James of Baseball.” I’ll assume that’s a good thing as Lebron James is a name that I have heard of. WARNING: AUTOPLAY VIDEO WITH SOUND THAT AVOIDS MY ADBLOCKER, WHY IS THIS A THING? THIS SHOULD BE A SIN.
  • Mike Berardino is at it again, making it clear that Danny Santana is really bad. Sorry Danny. I want a real 4th outfield, or Byungho Park. (I forgot how Park wants his name now. Was that right? Apologies to Park and his entire family.)
  • Jake Depue of 1500espn rounds up some updates on our minor leaguers. Despite the title saying “Trio” there are 5 players talked about. Trios are getting big these days! I love Engelb Vielma!

Have a sweet day and remember to be adequate.