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FanPost Friday: Most surprising thing about the 2017 Twins

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

It's the mighty return of FanPost Friday!

Don't remember what this is? It's the thing where I post a question or topic, you read said question or topic, write a FanPost in response, and then we share what y'all came up with sometime next week. It's fun! Give it a try.

This week we are asking...

What part of the Twins' hot start has been the most surprising and why?

There's a lot of different ways to go here. Are you most surprised about Ervin Santana looking like he's dang Johan Santana? Who has been the most surprising hitter, for better or worse? Did you totally think Danny Santana would be starting in center field by now? It was a little touch-and-go there with Byron Buxton for a minute...

What about yourself? Are you watching the team more than you thought? Less than you thought? Did you expect the Pohlads to have said at least two embarrassingly stupid things by now? Are you still surprised the Twins are doing all this without ByungHo Park or Jose Berrios (or someone else)?

You can be as serious or silly in your response as you want. Break down the numbers or just pull stuff out of your butt. It's up to you.

Get started on your FanPost now.