2017 Surprises

Boy the Twins have been fun to watch so far. They've concentrated the painful moments into insane half innings. We all hoped they would win and while our pitching has been a big part of those wins, the biggest surprise has got to be the return of the defense we all know and love.

Sure, Buxton is a big part of the return to form, making catches in today's game that even Hunter would've been hard pressed on. A .991 fielding percentage means everybody's stepping up though. Only 10 errors through 32 games is the kind of tough standard the Twins have historically set for themselves and it's definitely a nice surprise that they are coming through.

The Twins have been so exciting that I have actually started buying baseball cards again. The very 1st card in the 1st pack I opened this year was an absolutely beautiful shot of Jose Berrios striding out to the mound with Target Field is sharp relief behind him. Predictably, the only Twins I have gotten since then have been more Berrios cards.

Go Twins!