Wait, we're good now?

Let me put down My "Game Fuel" for a second... The Twins are in first place? Huh? Wha-wah-WHAT?

I'm so confused... I thought we were the worst team in baseball... What happened? What do i complain about now?

The Vikings are good at drafting, the T-wolves have a "bright future" (Which means we're probably gonna trade it all for the Basketball version of Hershel Walker. Does Paul Pierce still play) and now the Twins are in first place. At least the Wild got their bums kicked straight into Space Jam 2! Talk about an old fashioned whooping!

See, the thing about Minnesota fans, is, well, we suck. Uh, we are horribly passive aggressive, where we take every success as the beginning of some sort of golden age, and every failure as the end of time. Not all of them, but a good chunk, including this rabid fair-weather, stormy-weather fan. Now i have nothing to be angry about...everything is good now...

Oh. We have a SOCCER team now do we? Muhahahaha!