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Rockies 7, Twins 3: Seven is more than three, I guess.

Twins can’t come back a third time, lose series opener.

Colorado Rockies v Minnesota Twins
Charlie Blackmon, moments before casting his voodoo curse on the innocent Robbie G.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Baseball games are close right up until the point in which they are not.” - Dalai Lama?

In the first a brand new ball game started, which is generally how first innings go, and wee would have a few more of those over the course of the ur-game. Spoiler Alert: Colorado won the one that mattered. Side note: Robbie Grossman started in right field and this is obviously not going to be mentioned again.

Charlie Blackmon, henceforth referred to as “Death, the destroyer of Twins pitching,” started the game with a single off of Phil Hughes. Another followed, but Hughes junkballed his way out of the early threat unscathed. The 2nd wouldn’t go so well. After an RBI groundout, Death hit his second single, this time bringing in a run. The rock guys were up 2-0.

In the Twinkie half, Jorge Polanco lead off with a walk, which would soon haunt when Jason Castro doubled him in. Byron Buxton Byron Buntston’d him over and (eventually) another two-bagger off the bat of Brian Dozier would tie the game buck up.

Brand New Ballgame.

The 3rd inning is for squares, and you and I? We’re hip. So let’s go to the 4th inning. Gerardo Parra dongs a ball over the fence, which happens every now and then when Phil Hughes is pitching, and the Twins once again found themselves on the outside looking in. Mostly because that’s the way fielders face, but also the losing again thing.

But in their half Byron Buxton would Byron Blaston a ball over the center field wall. This was the 16th consecutive game in which the Twins have smashed a dong, tying a franchise record. Way to go, Buxton! btw, brand new ballgame.

Now it is the 6th because scoring is only allowed to happen on even numbered innings, per the baseball rulebook. Carlos Gonzales led off with a double and was brought in when Ian Desmond followed him up with a single. This brought in Tyler Duffey to replace Hughes. The Duffman got two outs and it looked like the damage would be minimum. Then Tony Wolters doubled to right. As a comedy joke, Robbie Grossman failed to actually pick up the ball and instead allow the runner to score.

Knock Knock

Who’s there?

Charlie Blackmon

Charlie Blackmon Who?

Charlie Blackmon who hit a 2 run home-run, and also has a mullet of sorts. A mullet did this.

There would be no more brand new ballgames. The Twins are now 19-16, but with the Indians losing today they hang on to the division lead.

S’all good.


DUDS: Most.

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