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Phil Hughes placed on DL with shoulder soreness

Kyle Gibson will take Phil’s spot on the roster and start Monday night in Baltimore, as expected.

Baltimore Orioles v Minnesota Twins
Phil Hughes is suffering from bilateral shoulder weakness, or something.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Most Twins fans were expecting the Twins to recall Kyle Gisbon to start Monday night’s game in Baltimore, but no one was sure how the team would make room on the roster. Well, now we know: Phil Hughes is broken and he’s going on the DL.

While that is sort of a surprise, it’s also sort of not. I hadn’t heard anything about an injury, but Phil Hughes has been pitching like poop lately. He started Game One of Sunday’s double header against the Royals and gave up five earned runs, including THREE home runs. His last start before that was against the Rockies and he also gave up five earned runs there. Before that? Faced the White Sox and, again, gave up five runs (though only four were earned). So on and so fourth.

Hughes’ ERA on the year has crept all the way up to 5.74.

So what exactly is Hughes’s injury? Just soreness, apparently. He told reporters it was basically the same kind of soreness he was feeling last year and led him to get surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome. So, yeah—Hughes maybe got his rib removed for no reason.

When reporters asked Hughes to describe what his arm felt like, he responded, “Sore. Dead.” That’s always encouraging!

Anyway, Hughes will have the team doctors take a look at his sore shoulder to see if they can get more answers, though I doubt them will. In the meantime, as mentioned earlier, Kyle Gibson will be recalled and take Hughes’s spot on the roster. Gibson is scheduled to start Monday’s game.

Adalberto Mejia—who served as the extra 26th man for Sunday’s doubleheader—was optioned back to Triple-A for the time being.