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Monday Morning Minnesota: Discipline, Improvements, Gorilla Tattoos

Every link about the Twins ever made (but not really)

Minnesota Twins v Texas Rangers
Escobar looks tiny and is also probably taller than you.
Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images

Hey guys and gals and sentient bio-engineered molluscoid demi-humans! (You know who you are!) Here are some links to get you through the morning.

Today’s soundtrack is shrill PC speaker music that today’s hooligan children never had to deal with.

  • The Twins have been the most improved team in baseball in terms of plate discipline. Going from horrific to pretty good will do that! This has been a popular topic over at Fangraphs lately with articles on Miguel Sano alone and another on the improvements of the whole team. Warning: Jeff Sullivan hates the Twins, young children and happiness.
  • Fanrag talks to Derek Falvey about not trading Ervin Santana over the offseason. Looks like it was a nice non-move. His value has to be at its peak like right now.
  • Mike Berardino writes about how Byungho Park is still scuffling in the minors.
  • He also wonders when Max Kepler will be allowed to try hit lefties.
  • Also from the Pioneer Press is this article where Brian Dozier talks about how sweet this year is going. We also learn here that Kennys Vargas has a tattoo of a gorilla because back home people call him “Gorilla.” Could Kennys Vargas swat down biplanes while clinging to the top of the empire state building? Maybe! This could be our future if we do not keep the big man happy.

Have a totally cool rest of the day, yo. Try not to trigger any ancient curses that will bring upon the end times!