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Tuesday Twins: Is Jose Berrios an ace or just a joker?

Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday! Here are the links:

  • Remember when Jose Berrios struck out 11 Rockies batters last week? It’s gotten people asking if he has the stuff to be a real ace. Michael Beller from Sports Illustrated took a look for Fox Sports (?) and concludes Berrios has Ace potential.
  • Our friends over at Beyond the Box Score are all WTF the Twins are in first? It’s all the usual oh look the defense is good and Miguel Sano and the pitching isn’t THAT bad. All the stuff us superior Twins fans already know!!!!
  • Beyond the Box Score is also all WTF Anthony Swarzak is good now? And... wait WTF Anthony Swarzak is good now!?!
  • You know how Phil Hughes hit the DL with some vague “shoulder soreness”? Well, he was officially diagnosed today and the exact injury still seems pretty vague to me.
  • PETA named Target Field the second most Vegan-friendly ballpark in MLB! It had something to do with those ultra-scary looking vegan hot dogs from the vegan butcher shop they sell at Target Field now for ridiculous amounts of money. No way those things taste better than a dollar dog, people.
  • I’m still laughing at that balk from last night’s game (and Buck Showalter’s reaction).