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Twins 2, Orioles 0: ErWIN Santana

It’s actually “Ervin” I was making a joke.

Minnesota Twins v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Tonight’s game was really fun to watch, but it was the type of game that I’m unsure how to make sound interesting. That type of game is a low scoring pitcher’s duel. I will get to say “dong” one more time in this recap, and there was indeed a walk that haunted. The recap tics are there, so we can all feel safe and comfortable in the Tawny-recap-zone.

Ervin Santana pitched even better than he normally pitches, going all 9 innings and allowing absolutely no runs. The shutout came with 6 strikeouts, 2 walks and only 2 hits (both singles.) The man has successfully transitioned from “Twins ace” to “HELL YEAH ACE.”

The Twins managed 2 runs on 6 hits, and this is how they managed them:

Jorge Polanco led off the 5th with a walk. Then, wait hold on. Hold on! Let me go spend an unwarranted amount of time on a shitty and obtrusive animated gif.

Okay thanks, I’m back. Anyway, Jason Castro singled him over to third, and then Byron Buxton came to the plate and whooops

Buxton delivered with a single of his own. 1-0 Twinkles.

In the 7th Brian Dozier would Dozier-Dong a ball over the left-field fence for his 6th of the year. That would be it for the scoring.

Ervin Santana nabbed his 7th win while bringing his ERA down to a nifty 1.80, while the Twins rise to 24-18 on the year.

Cue dancing gifs in the comments!

Ervin Santana, obvs
Brian Dozier: Dinger
Kennys Vargas: A nice big pair of doubles.

Twins Bullpen: Too lazy to even pitch one inning?!


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1 Rahil Modi Miguel Sano has an average exit velocity of 100 mph, leading the majors
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1 Rahil Modi That could be a "Nigerian Prince" scam
1 CG19 He took a $1200 coat
1 blackmankitteh who was asking for a Dozier homer?

Everyone point out every mistake I made, Okay bye.