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Nick Burdi to undergo Tommy John


MLB: Minnesota Twins-Spring Training Media Day
Burdi, before the secret military surgeries which made him half-man, half-bot, and 100% murder machine.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this is not great news. Highly touted Twins prospect Nick Burdi will be undergoing Tommy John Surgery, per multiple media outlets.

Burdi, the fireballing right-handed, had been discussed as a potential contributor to the Twins yet this year, and one of their most highly touted prospects. After what was essentially a lost season for Burdi last year due to injury, this has to be a frustrating set back.

Burdi last pitched on Sunday, in a 4-out outing for AA Chattanooga. Per Mike Bernadino:

The 46th pick of the 2015 draft (actually the second time he was drafted by the Twins) has had a rough road to the major league so far, and it just got a bit tougher. Hopefully he can have a swift and successful recovery.