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Monday Morning Minnesota: Draft, Santana, Long Games

Tampa Bay Rays v Minnesota Twins
Free baseball, free smiles.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Have some links, but first have some embedded youtube video of music I like.

  •’s Jim Callis writes that the Twins appear ready to draft Vanderbilt righty Kyle Wright #1 in the upcoming amateur draft. This is contrary to plenty of others who feel that flamethrowing high-schooler Hunter Greene is the real #1. The Twins here are essentially picking a higher floor over a higher ceiling, though both obviously have high enough ceilings to be top-of-the-draft talent.
  • In Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo’s recent article, a tidbit near the bottom mentions that “teams expect the Twins to make Ervin Santana available.” I really truly wonder how true that is, because I do not like it.
  • If the Twins are real enough to not sell is apparently a big enough subject around baseball that the NY Times wrote about it.
  • Mike Berardino reports that the Twins are prioritizing nutrition this year, as to make sure no players get scurvy over a long season. Or maybe some real reason that isn’t stupid.
  • MLB games are getting longer, and the main culprit is the Rays. HUH! WHO KNEW?