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Astros 17, Twins 6: Pitching, Team Still Stinking, Sinking

Hector Santiago was pretty bad, and the other pitchers were worse.

Ships Sunk to Make Reef in Florida
Everything is fine.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Welp. It’s definitely No Fun Time for Twins fans. Hector Santiago gave up six runs in six innings. It would get worse. Ryan Pressly and Tyler Duffey combined to face seven batters, record no outs, and give up another six. That’s before Jason Wheeler came in...

The Twins’ lineup battled best it could, given no Miguel Sano, no Joe Mauer, and a bottom half featuring Eduardo Escobar, Chris Gimenez, and Jason Castro. (In order.) Gimenez’s sharp single — off a righty — and Castro’s dong — off a lefty — actually made this a 6-5 game. Then, bullpen.

(Gimenez would pitch the ninth and allow two more runs. He ties the team record for most games pitched in one season by a position player. At this rate, he’ll break the record next week.)

Astros DH George Springer didn’t seem to mind not playing the field; he went 4-4 with two dongs. The Twins’ designated “hitter,” Robbie Grossman, went 0-4 with two strikeouts.

Oh, those strikeouts; Houston used two rookie pitchers today. David Paulino had eight Ks in four innings; Reyman Guduan added two more in relief (after the score became a joke). The Twins’ improved patience didn’t show up; unsurprisingly, as patience slips away fast when a team is scuffling this badly.

Fortunately Minnesota is heading out on a road trip, against the currently Mike Trout -less Angels. The Twins are now .400 at home, .737 on the road. Which percentage do you expect to change more?

Comments of the game thread: devereaux with “Crape diem: Today sucks,” and Joel Hernandez, with this start to a fun pun thread. Fun was sorely needed!