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Monday Morning Minnesota: Berrios, League Leaders, Dingers

All of the link to get you to Tuesday Twins.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins
I have never seen him look so pissed
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, afternoon, night, or unknown time as all is dark in the pit of the damned that you live in. Whatever is applicable. Open your mouths and I will fly my spoon-airplane full of nutritious links directly into your mouth-holes.

The soundtrack today is a nice peppy song to keep you going at the start of the week. Unless you actually listen to the lyrics.

  • ESPN991 had a wee little baby article about how the Twins have to league leaders in statistical categories. Whoops. Santana is third in ERA now, actually. Feel free to make a slightly sad face, but not too sad for he’s still been outstanding on the whole.
  • Mike Berardino thinks that Jose Berrios is on the cusp of a call-up. That or the Twins will give Nick Tepesch another chance to implode live in front of our eyes. The article also mentions that Justin Haley rejoined the team from his DL stint. I didn’t even know he was gone so clearly I am qualified to write here.
  • Brian Dozier is still d2d, btw. Hopefully that shorthand was hip enough to get some young readers on board with the M3M.
  • Let’s cheer up with a Fox Sports article about how the Twins are clubbing homeruns at the best rate they have since 1987 when Kent Hrbek was on the team and had yet to pursue his true calling as air-conditioning salesman. This also means this is the highest rate I have ever seen in my young life.
  • According to MLBTR the Twins had talks with Doug Fister. So that’s a thing.

Enjoy the rest of your day and be cool.