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Tuesday Twins: The Yankees fixed Aaron Hicks

MLB: New York Yankees at Chicago Cubs
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Twinkie Towners! Here are the links:

  • At 27 years old, it appears our old friend Aaron Hicks might have finally figured things out. He’s off to a great start this season with the Yankees, hitting .338/.459/.662 with six home runs as of the start of Monday.
  • Everyone is still laughing at Hicks trying to find this monster dong hit by Javier Baez on Sunday night though.
  • Meanwhile, John Ryan Murphy, who the Twins got in exchange for Hicks, was named the player of the week... in Triple-A.
  • Back to dongs, though: A fan at a Mariners game last weekend got hit in the dong with a dong (not a joke, but still hilarious).
  • Remember how the Twins DFA’d Michael Tonkin on Saturday, but didn’t make a corresponding move right away? Well they did actually make one on Sunday, which was to activate pitcher Justin Haley, the Rule 5 guy, from the DL. Because Haley was already on the 40-man roster, the Twins currently have an open spot on there that can be used for a future call-up.
  • The Twins fly a flag for each team in the central division in right field at Target Field, and, uh, I never actually realized this but apparently those flags are placed in order according to the current divisional standings. Hope Target Field workers had fun switching them around all the time this year!
  • If you haven’t heard about Dildo Gate and you want to learn about what Dildo Gate is, you can do that here.