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Thursday Thunder Dumpmobile!

A collection of recent Twins news for your Thursday.

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Minnesota Twins v Cleveland Indians
Photo by David Maxwell/Getty Images

Perkins is Perking Up

Glen Perkins faced batters for the first time in over a year Tuesday, throwing about 40 pitches total. "I felt better coming out of it than I anticipated," Perkins said. Perkins will fly to Fort Myers to continue his rehab.

  • Also in the article, a note that Phil Hughes got a second opinion about his shoulder and “there are no issues related to his surgery,” although some scar tissue may be affecting a nerve? Seems contradictory.

Vote Sano For a Better Tomorrow, Today

Sano, the only Twin on the list, is running second to Manny Machado in A.L. balloting. Who doesn’t want to watch Mason Sano hit some dingers in the HR Derby this year? Vote Sano!

Chasing 600

Albert Pujols passed Babe Ruth on the all-time hit list with 2,874 yesterday and has reached 599 home runs. We could witness #600 this series if Twins pitchers cooperate, but what are the odds a Twins pitcher gives up a dinger? C’mon. A lone writer at Halos Heaven noticed it, although the sarcasm seems strong in this one. Be thankful you’re even a Twins fan and can appreciate such things.

Manny vs Pujols

Fellow Dominicans Miguel Sano and Ervin Santana were asked to weigh in on who was the best Dominican slugger. Sano went with Manny Ramirez (duh) and Ervin picked Vlad Guerrero and Pujols for different situations.

Tommy John’s is Freaky Sucky

Or so Trevor May would have you believe in what seems to be part of a series he’s writing for MLB Trade Rumors. He seems to have time to work on his base running skills on Backyard Baseball though.

The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor

What the Hell are we supposed to do, you moron?

USA Today thinks the Twins’ success is “throwing a wrench into their rebuilding project,” (way to screw up a rebuild by winning, jackwagons) and suggests we trade Ervin Santana. I assume because of all the 18 and 19 year-old Rick Porcellos we have ripening on trees in Ft Myers right now.

Forget it, he’s rolling

Twins Daily’s Over The Baggy reluctantly suggests some trade targets the Twins could go for, including Sonny Gray and Matt Shoemaker, if they wanted to fight them with conventional weapons.

Let’s take the cheese

WCCO/CBS gives us four reasons the Twins should go for it this year. One reason: “they owe it to the fans.” True dat. People still show up despite the last six years? We deserve more than a throwback bobblehead.

Let’s get the Band Back Together

Our old friend, Joe Nathan is available again after being released by the Nationals. Why not?

Song of the Day: California Edition