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Monday Morning Minnesota: I hope you like draft coverage!

Because this is mostly about that.

Minnesota Twins v San Francisco Giants
So handsome. So #1
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Our own Kyle Edelbrock has done an amazing job covering the upcoming draft since joining our staff and becoming a real boy, but in case you want even more, here are some last minute links about tomorrow’s event. In case you don’t care, well sorry that’s all everyone seems to be talking about, but I’ll throw in some interesting stuff for you at the end too. I’m a giver!

Today’s soundtrack is about who will the twins will TAAAAAAAAAKE ON MEEEEEEEEEE

  • First off, if you are wondering when exactly this thing is going down and how to follow it, Seccounty has a “how to watch” guide for you. I don’t actually know what this website is. I think it is for some college? Whatever, the guide is excellent.
  • Let’s make the first real story one of hope. Fox Sports recounts just what can happen when #1 draft picks go wonderfully right. Joe Mauer is what happens. Prepare for blameWrightbot!
  • While the Twins have been long said to be taking college pitcher Kyle Wright with that first pick, cbs sports thinks it might be another college righty hearing his named called.
  • Whichever of the two it is, Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press tells us why college arms are historically spotty choice. Thanks for the pessimism, Mike.
  • Derek Wetmore of 1500espn looks past the shiny #1 pick to see how Falvey is hoping to build depth with his later picks as well.
  • Finally, Jeff Sullivan over at Fangraphs looks back with a result based analysis of how well teams have drafted in the new millenium. The Twins could use some improvement (and might be getting it as the current youngins tear up the field.)
  • And for you non Draftlovers out there, Jack Moore from Hardball Times wants more baseball sci-fi, and now so too should you.