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Twins 2017 MLB Draft Preview: Royce Lewis rumors?!?!

It is the day of the 2017 MLB Draft and rumors are floating of the Twins eyeing prep athlete Royce Lewis...?

MLB draft crush: Royce Lewis

According to the most recent reports, Royce Lewis could be the dark horse for the Twins' first overall pick in tonight.

Posted by Twinkie Town on Monday, June 12, 2017

Weeks ago when I began my coverage of the 2017 MLB Draft I mentioned the possibility of the Twins cutting a deal with a player to save some money with the first overall pick. Later I talked about one player who the team could potentially make a deal with: Californian SS/OF Royce Lewis.

Here we are, five hours before the draft, and look what I find on my twitter feed:

I know everyone reading this will be up in arms about these rumors. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Remember that Lewis is a freak athlete with 70 grade speed and a quick bat. He will get a chance to play SS, but may end up in CF or even 2B. Signing Lewis for a deal means we have a better chance of landing 1st round talent with the 35th and 37th picks.

Also worth keeping in mind is that this could be a bit of a smoke screen. The Twins will likely talk to Brendan McKay and his advisor about money today. Rumors like this may help to bring his price down since McKay could easily fall the fourth or fifth pick and lose out on some money.

It’s draft day people, hold on to your butts!