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Twins 2017 MLB Draft Preview: Everything you need to know

Looking for more info about the 2017 MLB Draft? Here’s all our Minnesota Twins coverage in one easy place.

Did you hear that it’s MLB Draft day, and the Twins have the first overall pick? You probably have, but you may be looking for more information.

According to LEN3, the Twins will announce their first overall pick tonight at 6:07 pm CT. If you’re interested in watching the draft live, we have all the info about how you cna do that here.

Looking for more? Check out the links to all our MLB Draft coverage below.

Potential Strategies

Bonus pool strategies - Really great explanation of how signing bonus pools work in the MLB Draft, and how they can affect what players teams pick. If you don’t know a lot about the MLB Draft, you’ll want to read this.

The Atlanta Braves 2016 draft strategy - A great example of a team using a bonus pool strategy in last year’s draft.

Falvey and Levine draft history - A look back at what Falvine’s previous teams did in the draft. Might they do something similar this year?

Mock draft recaps - Which players do other people think the Twins will take? A little round up here.

Player Profiles

Hunter Greene profile - The big, shiny name everyone and your Mom has been talking about. It’s not all beer and skittles, though—there are both pros and cons to the Twins drafting him first overall.

Brendan McKay profile - The pros and cons of taking the best college two-way player in the draft.

Kyle Wright profile - Recent rumors have the Twins potentially taking this college pitcher first overall. Should they?

Royce Lewis profile - A dark horse for the first pick, but the latest rumors indicate the Twins may in fact take him with the first overall pick.

Pavin Smith profile - A long-shot for the first overall pick, but we here at Twinkie Town like to be thorough, so you can read about him anyway.

First pick long shots - Okay, these are the really long long-shots—Mackenzie Gore and Shane Baz.

Second round potentials - The Twins get more than just the first overall pick, people! Here’s some of the other guys they may select tonight.

Twins Organizational Depth

You’re never supposed to draft based on immediate need, but looking at where these potential draftees may fit in the Twins system isn’t a bad idea.

Position player depth chart

Pitching depth chart

More Coverage

MLB draft order 2017: Complete selection order for Rounds 1-2

MLB Draft 2017: Q&A Series - Our friends over at MLB Daily Dish have a selection of interviews with all of the top prospects in this year’s draft. Get to know ‘em!

MLB Draft 2017: Final Composite Mock Draft - More on what the smart people are saying, but for more than just the Twins’ first pick.