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Twins 2017 MLB Draft live thread: Day one

The first and second rounds of the MLB are tonight! Check up on the live results and chat with fellow Twins fans.

2014 MLB Draft
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Welcome, Twins fans, to the 2017 MLB Draft! Tonight features the first and second round of the draft, in which the Twins have the first overall pick, plus the 35th and 37th overall picks.

Please, use this thread to chat, complain, or talk about Star Trek as the draft goes on. The Twins will announce their first pick at 6:07pm CT. You can watch on MLB Network, or online (for free) at

This post will be updated live.

Twins first pick (1st overall, 1st round): Royce Lewis

Twins second pick (35th overall, competitive balance round A): Brent Rooker

Twins third pick (37th overall, 2nd round): Landon Leach