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Minnesota Twins select Charlie Barnes in the fourth round of the 2017 MLB Draft

He’s a left-handed pitcher, and he’s crafty!

Minnesota Twins v Milwaukee Brewers

In the fourth round of the MLB Draft, the Twins selected LHP Charlie Barnes, a college junior from Clemson University.

Barnes is a 6’0”, 175 lb born October 1st, 1995 in Sumter, SC. He just finished his junior season for the Tigers, where he had 5-5 record and a 3.20 ERA. If you were hoping this would be a guy who could throw gas for the Twins, I regret to inform you he is not—his fastball sits around 88 mph. Instead, Barnes is known as a “crafty lefty”, meaning he has excellent control and several offs-peed pitches to keep batters on their toes.

Here’s a video example.

Looks nice.

If everything goes right, Barnes will probably move through the minors quickly. In the majors, Barnes projects as a solid back of the rotation type guy—again, if things don’t go terribly, terribly wrong, which is always possible.