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Minnesota Twins select Andrew Bechtold in Round 5 of 2017 MLB Draft

The college third baseman could move through the minor league system quickly.

Minnesota Twins v Milwaukee Brewers

With their 6th selection (thanks Comp A) of the 2017 Draft, the Minnesota Twins have selected Andrew Bechtold, a third baseman from Chipola College.

Bechtold, born April 18th, 1996, at 6’1” and 195 lbs. Scouts believe he could add some muscle mass, but otherwise is basically done growing. The red-shirt sophomore hit .419/.532/.676 with twelve home runs this season at his junior college. According to scouts, he has average raw power, but likes to pull the ball and has great pitch recognition. The Red Sox drafted him out of high school in 2014, but chose to play college ball instead.

Bechtold could move through the Twins system quickly, and already has a polished swing, as can be seen in this video from

Since I’m not allowed to embed that video, watch this one about Bechtold and his best friend instead.


Another scouting Video, from the MLK combine :