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Chris Gimenez makes history, Darren Baker grows up, and ladies and gentlemen, the Gear Daddies

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Cardinals v Giants Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Hey, it’s Stu, from Internet. Every two years, the fam and I head out to the Wisconsin Dells for my youngest daughter’s final dance competition of the year. It’s never not a revelation for me, and America.

The downside is that it’s a working vacation, so I’m either on the job or heading to various waterparks and attractions once I’m off the clock. I didn’t even know Byron Buxton continued his war on walls yesterday until I saw a highlight on the teevee at the aforementioned bar. So, this linkdump is my way of catching up and maybe helping you catch up as well. Let’s learn together.

  • Let us now praise Jose Berrios. Per Buster Olney, he’s averaging 6.2 innings per start, and the Twins are 6-1 in those starts. It also allows the Twins to rest some of their reliable relief pitchers, like Tyler Duffey and Chris Gimenez.
  • History: Made. Speaking of Gimenez.

Baseball has a rich history that goes back a good 15-20 years, so this is pretty remarkable. Also, as noted by irascible local brunch enthusiast Aaron Gleeman, Gimenez has now pitched in more games for the Twins than Alex Meyer.

  • WAR is hell. Speaking of prospects the Twins probably bailed on too soon, take a look at the top five in WAR this season. (Hint: it’s not John Ryan Patrick Sean Robert Murphy.) After you scream into a pillow, please note that Miguel Sano is in the top 15.
  • Plouffe in the wind. In less positive news about a former Twin, the Athletics have designated Trevor Plouffe for assignment. On his birthday, no less. Oof.

If you’re done shredding the Boy Geniuses for passing on Hunter Greene, it might be kind of you to acknowledge that moving on from Plouffe and making Sano the everyday third baseman was the right call.

  • A mystery wrapped inside an enigma wrapped inside excellent rib options. Who holds the key to the trade deadline? Jonah Keri argues it’s the suddenly surging Kansas City Royals.
  • You’re old now. Remember when Dusty Baker’s adorable son almost got steamrolled during the 2002 World Series?

Anyway, he got drafted by the Nationals this week. Your mortality is fragile, and time moves ever quicker. Happy Friday!

  • The closer: “Dream Vacation”, the Gear Daddies. Hi Wade.