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Sunday Twins: We need more pitching

A few Twins related links to start your Sunday.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins - Game One
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images
  • Jackson Bruce over at Puckett’s Pond thinks a trade for Rays’ ace Chris Archer would be worth it. The Twins could use some more pitching that isn’t someone like Adam Wilk (sorry, Adam). Who would you give up for Archer? Who else do you think the Twins should target for a trade?
  • Joe Mauer is a cool human being. On Friday, he and his wife Maddie hosted the 2nd annual Mauer and Friends Kids Classic. Also, I think if Mauer was gonna start his own sports talk show he would call it “Mauer and Friends”.
  • Interested in some tasty Miguel Sano stats? He hits the ball very hard, in case you were wondering. It’s to the point where if he hits a flyball I’m surprised if it doesn’t leave the park.

Song Video of the day: Not a song, but hearing a disappointed Hawk Harrelson is music to my ears.