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Twins share amazing Father’s Day photos

Come see Joe Mauer in peak dad-form.

Joe has a Dad too?!

Happy Father’s Day, Twinkie Towners!

Yes, it’s that Sunday every year where us Americans celebrate our dads or get celebrated by our kids or whatever. Hopefully you remembered, or you may have been very confused about why the Twins were wearing baby blue jerseys yesterday. Heck, you may have been confused about that anyway. I was. Yesterday wasn’t Father’s Day. YOU ONLY GET ONE DAY, DADS!

In this day in age, Father’s Day also means baseball teams like the Twins share father-related content on social media. That father-related content is then taken by bloggers like me, who use it to procreate more father-related content. Think of this post as the son of father-related content. Very meta.

Anyway, to the point—the Twins posted a bunch of picture on Facebook of Twins and their Dads and/or kids and there are some real gems.

Like this photo:

If you don’t recognize who that is, I don’t blame you. I didn’t at first either.

But yeah, that’s EDDIE GUARDADO.

I know, right? A young Eddie G and his Dad. Fun story: My Mom met Eddie’s Dad one time while waiting in line for garlic fries at a game in Oakland. I think she was wearing an Eddie Guardado jersey, and he told her he was Eddie’s Dad. She didn’t believe him so he showed her his ID and everything. So happy Father’s Day, Eddie G’s proud papa!

Most of the pictures are pretty much what you’d expect. Here’s one of Byron Buxton and his son, who I always thought was just named Brix, but is apparently named Brixton.

Here’s one of Kyle Gibson and his newborn baby, who seems very confused.

It’s okay, kid. I’d be confused too if I were naked and Kyle Gibson was holding me.

Here’s one of Robbie Grossman and his parents, because ladies—he’s still single! I think?

This one of Adalberto Mejia and his son, which I just freaking love.

And hey, check it out! Apparently Craig Breslow has twins.

Speaking of Twins with twins, we should get on to the grand finale of this post—Joe Mauer and his twin girls. Joe is pretty private and we rarely see his twins.


Not only do I love this picture because it’s adorable, but as TC Anelle pointed out on Twitter, there’s even a book about Target Field on the shelf behind Joe. So Joe.

Last but not least, I present: PEAK DAD JOE.


Anyway, If you want to see the rest of the photos, you can check them out on the Twins Facebook page.

Other than that, I wish everyone the peakest of Dad-Joe Father’s Day! Especially my own father, Dad. That’s what I call him. I shared a story about you last year, and my Dad wasn’t really the one who got me into baseball, so I didn’t feel the need to writer more about him this year. Still love you though, Dad! I’ll be over later to eat steaks and watch golf.

How about you and your Dad? Or your kids? How did they share Twins fandom with you, or you with them?