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Monday Morning Minnesota: Lewis, Hunter, wine and the trade deadline

Or just trades in general, but deadline added rhyming to the title and that should be what we all aim for.

Cleveland Indians v Minnesota Twins
Wine connoisseur
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Welcome to this thing on this website. I’m your host, person about to embed a youtube video of music and here is a youtube video of music.

  • Twins #1 draft pick Royce Lewis seems like a really well-spoken and likable young chap. While I don’t think that matters at all from a baseball point-of-view, as plenty of amazing players are also amazing dicks, I’m sure we can all say we prefer them to be cool dudes instead. Lewis also has a connection to Torii Hunter, for his father used to serve wine to Hunter back when he was an Angel. Like of the Los Angeles of Anaheim variety, not the biblical sense. Pretty sure Hunter was never one of those. (Both links from Mike Berardino, who apparently gets around.)
  • MLB Trade Rumors recently updated their list of the top 50 trade candidates in baseball. Seeing as the Twins are both competing and in dire dire need of pitching and pitching and also pitching (and maybe more pitching), it seems likely that they will add someone if this recent series against Cleveland isn’t signaling a full collapse. Reading through these names really whets the appetite and makes the imagination all juicy in wonderment. Jose Quintana seems like a long shot, but it is fun to dream.

Who do you want the Twins to go after?