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The Twins, the Caribbean, and stories about treasures

Thursday Thunder Dump: The Final Voyage

Atmosphere - Wacken Open Air 2016
Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!
Photo by Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

The Last Thunder Dump!

This is the last Thursday Thunder Dump. After looking at my news dumps as a weekly chore lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that doing these posts are now... Well, I’ll let British butter spokesperson, Johnny Rotten and the rest of the Pistols explain:

First, my sincere thanks to myjah for giving me the space to do TTD’s all this time. They were a blast to do, but time has a way of eroding things and I feel like I need to move on from them. Don’t worry though, wherever birds are attacking Denard Span, I’ll be there. Whenever someone asks, “What’s Manny Ramirez up to?” Well, I’ll be there. And wherever a Japanese angler fish mascot regurgitates its own skeleton, I’ll be there too, just not on Thursday Thunder Dump.

If you didn’t like TTD, some other Twins news link will replace it that you’ll like better. If you did like them, thanks and be happy - TTD’s rotting corpse will nourish the blowflies and buckthorn brambles for years to come!

Twins of the Caribbean: Curse of the Punto

In case you haven’t heard, the Twins will play two games in San Juan, Puerto Rico against the Cleveland Indians early in the 2018 season on April 17-18. The Twins will be considered the “home” team. They have three players that are from the island; Jose Berrios, Kennys Vargas and Eddie Rosario. The Indians’ Francisco Lindor is from there too.

Pay off your Student Loan with your Prince Umbrella

City Pages is reporting not everyone is treasuring their purple Purple Rain rain umbrella they got as a giveaway at a Twins game celebrating Prince last Saturday. Many are showing upon eBay, most are going for $150 but one college student was asking for $25,000. He must have gotten a really, really good one.

Morning Rounds

  • Phil Hughes “was sharp” pitching a scoreless inning in Rochester yesterday and was feeling fine. He’ll pitch another session today. Rotowire speculated he may be moved to the bullpen when he returns.
  • Hector Santiago pitched 3 scoreless innings in his 1st and maybe last outing in AAA yesterday. Hector said he thought he could’ve come off the DL earlier but the Twins were being cautious. He could return to the Twins lineup on Monday.
  • Glen Perkins was shut down for a week with bicep tendinitis. It’s another set back for The Perkinator.
  • Justin Haley is set to face live hitters (the dead ones are too easy) for the 1st time tomorrow since being put on the DL. If that goes well, he’ll get a rehab assignment soon.


Target Field’s Hidden Treasure

Cut4 has six hidden ballpark treasures and one is at Target Field. No, it’s not Carl Pohlad’s rumored secret vault of gold coins and art the Pohlads acquired from Depression era foreclosures. It’s Sue Nelson, the organist at the Two Gingers Pub in Target Field. Mystery solved. Now, where the heck is Two Gingers Pub?

Butera vs Dozier Flip Off

Royals Twitter account was showing off Drew Butera’s hair flip a few days ago.

Luv ya Drew, but I think Doze did it better.

Tim Tebow’s Impressive Bat Flip

GoGo’s New Kicks

Cut4 has a video of former Twin and current Texas Ranger, Carlos Gomez wearing his new Superman shoes and hitting a home run against the Blue Jays on Tuesday. Is kryptonite on a baseball considered a foreign substance?

SBN A.L. Central Roundup


The big Finnisher