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Monday Morning Minnesota: Puerto Rico, Trevor May and the bullpen

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MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Nice to see you again on the *insert applicable adjective here, I dunno I’m not prescient* Monday morning. The Twins are back on top and I have some links for you, please do click them. Here is also some music if you happen to be into that. I guess some of you might think music is a fad that’s gonna pass any day now, because cave paintings are the only real expression of the self. I’m onto you, James Fillmore, you immortal caveman. Go back to Ur.

  • If you haven’t yet heard, Cleveland and Minnesota will be playing a two game series in Puerto Rico next April. This has the potential to be very very cool for the Puerto Ricans on the roster (Eddie Rosario, Kennys Vargas and Jose Berrios) and should be fun all around. Unfortunately the Twins will count as the “home” team so they’ll probably get swept.
  • Trevor May, all around rad bro, yo, has been writing about navigating life post-surgery for MLBTR. His latest entry is a very fun read. Trevor, if you read this I’m pretty sure I could beat you in any video game. I’m calling you out! My computer can basically only run MS-DOS games at this point though, so play me in Populous 2 I guess.
  • Speaking of MLB Trade Rumors. Last week I linked to their updated list of the top 50 trade candidates. Well they updated again to include some Twins on the list. That seems a little short sighted.
  • Mike Berardino wonders when Phil Hughes and Ryan Pressly may be called up to bolster a bullpen that can best be described as “containing some guys” who “have arms that work, technically.”

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