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Tuesday Twins: Miguel Sano needs your All-Star Game votes!

There’s only three days left to vote, and some annoying Indians rookie is gaining on Miguel Sano rapidly.

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Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The links:

  • Miguel Sano has been leading the All-Star Game voting at third base for awhile, but the Indians Jose Ramirez is rapidly gaining on him because BALLOT BOX STUFFING! The only answer is to stuff the ballot back for Sano! THERE ARE LESS THAN THREE DAYS LEFT! VOTE FOR SANO NOW!
  • I mean, Sano did make this really great defensively play yesterday, to which I literally said out loud, “Miguel Sano should be the Amrican League third baseman.”
  • USA Today, which is clearly an organization full of crap, doesn’t think Miguel Sano is All-Star Starting Line-up worthy. To them, I say, watch more baseball and I HATE YOU!!!! It’s easy to look like a great third baseman next to F-ing Francisco Lindor, you non-baseball watching idiots. GAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! (end rant?)
  • Remember how the Twins SWEPT the Cleveland Indians last weekend? I was happy about that. So were the Twins.
  • In case you missed it: The Twins are winning a crap-load on the road this year. Like at ridiculous, historic levels.