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Thursday Twins: Miguel Sano signs up to smash dingers in the Home Run Derby

It’s the last day to vote for Miguel Sano, the Cubs are super confused, Kennys Vargas got a doll of our future shortstop, and other Twins links.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at San Francisco Giants
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to not Tuesday. Here are your links:

  • According to a tweet from reporter Hector Gomez and reports based on that Tweet, Miguel Sano has officially signed up to take part in the 2017 Home Run Derby. The only other confirmed participant so far is some guy named Giancarlo Stanton. I guess he plays for the Marlins? I dunno.
  • Speaking of Miguel Sano and Miami, today is the last day to vote for Sano for the 2017 All-Star Game! Sano was the leading the vote for American League third basemen earlier this week, but Indians rookie Jose Ramirez was rapidly closing in on him. Even SB Nation’s head writer dude Grant Brisbee—who has a track record of picking on our All-Stars—is rooting for Jose. Rude.
  • Maybe win the World Series if you want more All-Stars, Cleveland!!!!
  • Speaking of winning the World Series, the Cubs visited the White House yesterday. Again. As in, they already made an official visit to the White House for winning the World Series. Someone please tell the Cubs what you’re supposed to do when you win the World Series because they seem confused.
  • Cubs pitcher Carl Edwards Jr. was way too busy to visit the White House, though.
  • Is Brandon Kintzler an All-Star? At least one writer thinks so.
  • Max Kepler could be the best German major leaguer EVER! And hey—did you know his parents were ballet dancers? Bet you didn’t.
  • The Red Sox were apparently giving away Manny Ramirez bobbleheads before the game Tuesday night, and Kennys Vargas got his very own shortstop doll.
  • Now, if you’re ready to cry, you can read this story about MLB umpire John Tumpane, who saved someone’s life on his way to the ballpark yesterday.