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Monday Morning Minnesota: Position players pitching, Wheeler goes bye-bye, Berrios is an ace?!

And other incredible tales!

Houston Astros v Minnesota Twins
So long, space cowboy
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Good morning fellow human units! Let’s all go out there and be real legit humans and not lizard people today! That being said, here are some links and some chill music to go with it (I don’t know why.)

  • The Twins traded Joey Jason Wheeler to the Dodgers for some cash. Did we report that? I’m not sure we reported that. Here it is again if we did. THE ERA IS OVER!
  • Sam Dyson, who sucks this year, has a good chance of ending up a Twin. He used to be good though so hey! Never hurts to be optimistic! There isn’t a link here, by the way. Sorry.