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Game LVI: Twins (29-26) at Mariners (30-30)

Another late night battle in Seattle. Twins trail the series 0-2. Baby, I feel the blues a-callin'...

Miguel Sano "shaking things up" with a new batting stance.
Miguel Sano "shaking things up" with a new batting stance.
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

First Pitch: 9:10 PM CT
Radio: GO 96.3, TIBN
Know Thy Enemy: Lookout Landing
Weather: Sunny, 57°F
Where: Pineapple Express Park

Hey how 'bout them last two games? No one could've seen that coming! Or maybe you did. Sorry, Nostradamous, not all of us have your powers of prognostication. Congrats. Anyway, the Twins are in a pickle now. They've lost the first two games of this series and are now hoping to avoid a sweep. But they've pushed Ervin Santana back a day and he'll now face Matt Moore in San Francisco instead.

So pitching for the Twins tonight will be Kyle Gibson (RHP, 2-4, 7.23 ERA). "Hoot" Gibson hasn't been able to get out of 6th inning all season. The good news is, Gibby was one out short of a "quality start" (which sounds like a euphemism for being a bit dotty in the melon) holding the Angels to two runs on six hits and two walks last Friday.

On the mound for the Mariners will be Christian Bergman (RHP, 3-2, 4.36 ERA). "Crispy Lettuce" Bergman has done well for rotation spackle, he pitched seven innings giving up seven hits and two runs on back-to-back homers versus the Rays last week. According to the MLB site, his Achilles heel is his change up that batters have hit for homers over 20% of the time.

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Oh so many good bands to choose from in the Portland-Seattle-Vancouver area, but many are on small labels and probably wouldn't appreciate being on a sports blog and others you've heard a 1,000 times. I was one game away from getting game LVII so I could play L7's The Masses Are Asses, but my luck sucks like that and they're from L.A. Anyway, this one fills the bill nicely.

Today's Lineups

The Big Doze - 2B Ben Gamel - RF
Robbie G-man - LF Guillermo Heredia - LF
Joe Mama - 1B Robinson Canosoe - 2B
Miguel Sano Job - 3B Danny "Swag" Valencia - 1B
Max Keproom - RF Kyle Seager - 3B
Kennys Las Vargas - DH Mike Zunino - C
Justin Castro - C Jarrod Dyson - CF
Byron "Big Bucks" Buxton - CF Taylor "Wotsa" Motter - SS
Ehire YO ADRIANza - SS Boog Powell - DH
Hoot Gibson - RHP Crispy Lettuceman - RHP