My Prediction for the Second half

The Minnesota Twins have made the smartest decision ever: acquiring Bartolo Colon. Bartolo may be having a down year, but nobody else can ever claim the title of being the GOAT. So I have a few possible predictions. And just a heads up these may or may not contain sarcasm, so those of you who are easily triggered by Bartolo Colon may want to leave (after voting in the poll, of course.)

The first one being the most likely, is that Bartolo will have a break out second half and win the Cy Young Award. He just needs to get out of the minors, drop his ERA a few points, lead the Twins in wins (ha, that rhymes), and break the strikeouts in a season record. He will make Kershaw look like a little league pitcher.

The second option is more or less a follow up to winning the Cy Young: The World Series MVP. After throwing 2 perfect 27 strikeout games in the World Series, it will be a close call between him and Mauer for the MVP. I have total faith in Bartolo Colon, but some people prefer 2% Mauer. The only obstacle is the Twins will have to make it to the World Series, but Bartolo can compensate for the terrible offense with plenty of shutouts.

The haters will say he will stay in Rochester or get promoted but just get DFA'd again. While these people point to his failure last night and this season, he hasn't pitched for a while and is just getting ready. And now with a new team, he will be more inspired and motivated to do well.

The final and also very likely possibility is that he will lead the team in homers. In MLB Power Pros 2008, a weird Japenese game for the Wii, I hit 70 after Allstar Break (yes, I still play it.) So I see no reason why the mighty Bartolo Colon can't do it.

Fun fact: this is the only paragraph in my fan post that doesn't start with the word 'the.' So vote down below on what you think will happen, and the winning vote is guarantee to come true. Just note: this is NOT sponsored by Fox Sports North, the Bartolo Colon Foundation, or Kent Hrbek and Carrier. Just in case you couldn't tell, this is sarcastic.