Fanpost Friday: Twins Will Have a Big Second Half

On June 29, the Braves did the unthinkable: They DFA'd Bartolo Colon. The Twins then signed him on July 7. Even though he's been one of the worst pitchers in the league this year, he's still fun to have around. He's just part of what's going to make this team go big.

Joe Mauer is eligible to come off of the DL on Saturday. With plans of him coming back, they'll trade Robbie Grossman for a reliever now that Granite can be the fourth outfielder, Mauer can come back at first, and Vargas will take over at DH. However, Mauer will play one rehab game in Chattanooga (not really, but go with it) and will suffer a setback after manager Jake Mauer pushes him too hard.

Now, the Twins will need a DH after making Vargas the starter at first base. So they'll trade for Pablo Sandoval, who was DFA'd today by the Red Sox. However, to be able to afford him, they'll need to dump Phil Hughes's contract. This will open up a spot on the roster for 6' 10" pitcher Aaron Slegers.

To conclude, they'll add the 285 pound Bartolo Colon and 6' 10" Aaron Slegers to a pitching staff that already includes Adalberto Mejia. They'll also add the 290 pound Kennys Vargas and 255 pound Pablo Sandoval to a lineup that already includes Miguel Sano. They'll go on to power through the season and steal a wild card spot before losing the wild card game to the Yankees (of course). The starter for the Yankees will ironically be CC Sabathia.