Second half prediction

It's probably not the wildest prediction out there, but...

I expect the Twins will come out of the AS break about as hot as their schedule will allow, but that will only last as long as their bullpen arms do. Once the bullpen gets over used again, they'll start dropping winnable games. However, the starting rotation and outfield will be enough to carry the team to somewhere between 85-90 wins. I expect this will be enough to join the Yanks as the 2nd wildcard.

The road advantage will be just enough for the boys will pull off a stunner in the Bronx 8-5. It will not, however, be enough to propel them past the Astros in the divisional round, where they'll win the first game in Houston 4-3 but then get walloped over the next three by a combined score of 27-11.

It'll still make for a pretty good second half.